June 27, 2014

Fitness Friday: Fitness Blogger Transformations



These Ladies turned a New Me on Its Head!  Today, our Fitness Friday feature is all about weight loss and bloggers who dug down deep and transformed their lives.  They are an inspiration to me and lots of others currently on their own journey.

Our inspirational bloggers are Alyson from Cakesweat and Jessica Corson from Jessica Gets Fit.

1) In the last 2 years, Alyson has lost 110 pounds!  She accomplished this goal with a 5-6 day/week fitness routine which includes Zumba, Step and Kickboxing.  Her nutrition component is her participation in Weight Watchers.  As a result of her weight loss, she has learning to love running and is currently training for a 10K.   She has run two 5Ks so far. Alyson is excited to see what else is in store for her.  Check out her first 5K race recap here.


2)  Jessica started her blog to focus on her passion of all things health and fitness.  Her motto “Healthy is Happy”.  For Jessica, the most important reason to be healthy is her congenital heart disease.   In addition to getting healthy, Jessica ran her first 10K this year at the Cleveland Marathon 10K.  Check out her race recap here.


Image courtesy of Jessica from Jessica Gets Fit

Congratulations to these ladies for taking back their lives, becoming more active and living their lives by the Powered By BLING motto to Challenge Yourself to Cross Your Own Personal Finish Lines!  You rocked it, Jessica and Alyson!  #powered bybling

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Jessica (
June 27, 2014 at 3:41 pm

Thanks so much for featuring me!!


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