November 25, 2014

2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Triathletes

Last Tuesday, I debuted the 2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Runners. All the items on that list would be equally appealing to the triathlete in your life.

While there is a good deal of overlap in the gear that runners and triathletes use, triathletes have some other sport specific items for the swim and bike component.

So, today, I bring you the 2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Triathletes!!


1) Just like our bodies need some spa treatments, so do our bikes and that can get costly. So, hook your triathlete up with a gift certificate to their favorite bike shop or bike mechanic.  

2)  If the triathlete in your life loves a racecation (a vacation planned around a race), a travel bike bag is a must.  They’ll think of you every time they pack up their gear to head out for their next event.

3)  If you know me, you know Plant Fusion protein powder is my favorite brand!  This vegan protein powder fuels my workouts and keeps me soy-free (and it’s free of most other common food allergens too).

4)  I don’t know about you, but when I head out for a race, I have ALOT of stuff to carry.  A TYR backpack has room for it all. A wet pouch for your suit, lots of extra pockets inside and out for gear like headphones, sunglasses, chapstick, sunscreen, etc, a large inner pouch for bike shoes, flip flops and extra clothes/towels, and carabiner hooks for your bike helmet.  With this bag, I can carry all my gear on my back leaving my hands available for lugging my bike!

5) How do you make protein shakes in the office or on the road?  With a handy, dandy Magic Bullet!  This time of year, they are usually Buy One, Get One.  So, you can give a gift, keep a gift or give your triathlete one for home and one for the office.  You’ll find one in my kitchen and one next the refrigerator in my office.

6) Every triathlete needs a quality bike helmet.   For most of us, the standard road cycling helmet is the way to go.  For elites and pros, you might want to consider some of the newer, more aerodynamic versions.

7) I don’t know about where  you live, but it’s getting mighty cold here already.  An indoor bike trainer lets your triathlete move their rides inside for the winter.   If they have an indoor training center in their area, indoor bike trainer sessions make a great gift too! 

8)  You all know I love my Tifosi sunglasses!  They keep the environment out of my eyes and don’t fog up on me during training sessions.  I highly recommend these sunglasses, especially the ones that come with interchangeable lenses.

9) By far, my favorite googles are Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored Goggles.  In open water against the sun, they really cut down on the glare. 

10)  Does the triathlete in your life already have the latest and greatest gear?  Out of ideas?  Try a subscription to NatureBox.  This will allow them to try some nourishing snacks to fuel their training.  

11) I’m a race belt girl myself, but for those that don’t like race belts, there are Race Dots.  I am kicking myself for not coming up with this idea!  My daughter plays with these kind of magnets all the time.  It’s simply ingenious!!!!  They are great for those 5K, 10K training races so you don’t have to drag out your race belt.  Way to go Race Dots! 

12) Is the swim your triathletes least favorite part?  For alot of athletes, it is, but it doesn’t have to be.  Any athlete can use some fine tuning in the off season from a professional swim coach.  Find out where they do their pool workouts and grab a gift certificate for private sessions with a coach.  

13) This is a dream item!  The Computrainer comes in a hefty $1630.  But for those avid road cyclists who do tris and road cycling events year round it can be a great investment.  I would love to have this baby during the winter to keep my mind engage on those long indoor rides.

14) I told you I was a race belt girl.  I want my keys and ID with me so I won’t loose them. The FuelBelt Slim Pocket lets you keep your keys and ID with you, attach your race number and hold some gels.  Now that’s a full-service kind of race belt! 

15) Let’s face our training and race clothes STINK after a long day.  Sport Wash laundry detergent is engineered to get into those tech clothes and get the stink out!  I’m washing mine and the hubby’s running clothes right now.  

16) Most triathletes have clipless pedals on their road bikes.  If they are new to triathlon or have an old pair of bike shoes, opening up a pair of Giro Factress bike shoes would make their Christmas morning.


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