January 5, 2015

UnEGGspected FlavorTown


Eggs?  The perfect protein, don’t you think?  One large egg contains 6 grams of protein.  I find the egg to be very versatile and an easy grab-and-go snack.  I’ve always been one to start my day with eggs especially on the weekends.  I guess they remind me of a time when everyone sits down together and enjoys a family breakfast.  You don’t get too many of those during the week!

I found this great little trick on Pinterest for baking eggs in the oven.   It couldn’t be easier and it takes no time at all to bake up a whole muffin pan full and have a container in the frig for a few days of family meals.  The nice thing about using a muffin pan is that you can create several different types of eggs at the same time.  Crack them into liners for poached/over easy/hard eggs, put them in whole for soft or hard boiled eggs, or scramble them and eggs your favorite omelette fixins.


Crack eggs into a muffin pan with silicone liners


crack eggs into cupcake liners; place whole egg in muffin pan















Bake them in a 350 degree oven according to the following schedule:


Poached/Runny Yolk 14 minutes
Over Soft 16 minutes
Over Hard 18-20 minutes
Soft-boiled (in shell) 25 minutes followed by ice bath
Hard-boiled (in shell) 30 minutes followed by ice bath
Omelette 20 minutes

They’ll turn out like this:




Serve them on egg sandwiches, in asian noodle dishes or on top of your salad!  Heck, just grab one and stick it in your mouth as a healthy snack.



Any way you eat them, you’ll go egg-y over them! 

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3 Comments on “UnEGGspected FlavorTown

January 5, 2015 at 8:10 am

What a great way to cook eggs ahead- love the guide with the times- I like mine over soft! 🙂

January 5, 2015 at 8:52 am

I love eggs. Everything about them. I often hard boil a dozen for the week so my daughter can have one whenever she wants. It’s the only way she likes them. I’ll eat them either hard oiled or scrambled/omelet/quiche.

The muffin pan idea is awesome.

Have you tried bacon cups?


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