January 11, 2015

The Year Ahead – Setting Goals for the Season

Tri Talk Tuesday is back for 2015!  I’ll be linking up monthly with CynthiaCourtney, and Phaedra for triathlon training discussions. Today’s topic is resolutions and goal setting.  As you all know, I’m not big on resolutions.  But, I love to set goals. 

TriTalkTuesday - 2015 Goals

To be honest with you, I’ve been slow out of the gate this year picking my races and deciding what my focus in life is going to be for 2015.  I think that’s because I’ve spent the first week of 2015 really reflecting on all the things I learned in 2014.  It didn’t seem like it during the year, but looking back I can see now how much I’ve grown in the last year.  So, taking those insights into 2015, I’ve laid out my goals for 2015 (in no particular order of importance):

LOCAL races with a sprinkling of RACECATIONS
This really hit me in 2014 as my running training progressed, my husband and I got more active in our local Flying Feet Running Club and our family started participating in races together.  I decided going in to 2015 that making healthy memories together as a family is a pretty great priority.  So, I’ve launched my own versions of #RunMaryland and #RaceAll50 Family Edition.

Sneak peek of a few of the races on our calendar – we’re still working on our full 2015 schedule:
– Disney Princess Half Marathon and Family 5K –  first racecation of the year.  Hubby and I are doing the Half.  Whole family + our best friends and their kids are doing the 5K.  Of course, a week of vacation at Disney and Universal must be tacked on to this weekend!
St. Michael’s Running Festival – this is a couple’s weekend getaway/racecation
Bike MS – A close friend does this event every year for personal reasons.  So, this year a group of us are heading on the road for the weekend.  I haven’t done a Bike MS since I was in graduate school.
Maryland Olympic Duathlon – some of my girlfriends have been doing this the last couple years, so I decided to jump on the band wagon this year.  The owners of Rip It Events are personal friends of mine.
Iron Girl Columbia – intended to try a different TRI this year, but it’s the 10th anniversary so you know the BLING is going to ROCK!

There are a number of other races on our calendar already – mostly 5K – 10 miler distances.  I’m still working on laying out all those on the calendar to decide what Fall event goal I want to tackle.

Training Goals
You can’t very well have a good race season without a good, injury-free training season. 

Swim Goals:

  • More days in the pool. I am in charge of my daughter’s swim team and with 7 practice groups, it’s really hard to find time in the pool.  Most of the open pool time occurs while I’m at work.
  • Masters Swim. I have been wanting to do a Master Swim class, but I leave for work at 6am, so I’m trying to find somewhere that is closer to my office so I can just slightly shift my hours.
  • Work with one of the local swim coaches on keeping my head down in open water swims. I’m only good for a few strokes before having to take a breaststroke or two to ensure I’m swimming straight. 
  • More training sessions in open water with and without wetsuit. One of my local training partners wants some colder water/wetsuit time in open water, so I’ll be reaching out to one of those local coaches about heading to Hammerman with us for safety.

Bike Goals:

  • More time in the saddle. I’m doing 100 miles in the Bike MS and I’m considering a 70.3 for the Fall which will be 56 miles in the saddle, so I need to hit the pavement soon with more than just my running shoes.
  • Experiment with Fueling in longer rides. Most of my races have been sprints in the last two years, so the nutrition requirements are far less than what’s required for the bike portion of the above events.
  • More time on the trainer – Sigh! I am soooo not a fan of the trainer, but in this climate, it’s the unfortunate must of winter season.  I wish my gym would put together this type of class instead of just spin.  The closest classes to me for Spin90 and time-wise it’s difficult for me to get to those sessions during the week.

Run Goals:  I have made huge strides in my run in the last four months. 

  • Continue to work with Coach Dave and Flying Feet to improve my run cadence.
  • Improve speed
  • Simply continue running and reach my goal of #100DaysofMiles before then end of June.

Cross Training Goals:

  • We got a new rower, so I plan to start off by doing 1000m a day as a warm up for the days training goal (swim, bike, run).
  • Family Challenges. We’ve been working Crossfit routines into our training in our basement.  The hubby built three different size box jumps.  Most of our workouts have included box jumps, jump ropes, burpees, walking lunges, planks and whatever else he throws in the workout.  The Hubby even got each of us a speed rope in our Christmas stocking, so we all have a custom fit rope now. 
  • Daily Active Isolated Stretching. My running Coach is a big proponent of Phil Wharton stretching.  I definitely notice a different in my flexibility when I consistently do these stretches with my flexibility rope.

Personal Enrichment Goals

  • I started this blog in June 2014 (officially). Unofficially, I passed the 1 year mark last week.  I’m happy with the amount of exposure I’ve had in a short time, my involvement as an Ambassador with a variety of other bloggers, and the growth of my social media.  But, over the last few months, I’ve been sporadic at best in blogging.  So, my goal for 2015 is to find time to post more content.  I’m going to focus less on image creation and more on just putting thoughts on paper (well, computer) in my authentic, thinking out loud voice. 
  • Get my AFAA certification. This is on my To Do list.  I sat down with the Fitness Director at my gym about some classes I wanted to teach at the gym.  She told me as soon as I can get this cert, she can let me teach there.  We were thinking I would do this over last Fall, but my schedule was too packed due to swim team and my full time job.  So, I’m thinking maybe this Spring when there’s a lull in swim team, I can focus on this cert.

That’s a lot of accomplish in a year!  But, it’ll be nice to look back on this list in December to see how my year went.  What accomplishments do you plan to achieve in 2015?

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