January 21, 2015

Weekly Workout Rundown – Week No.1

This is the first post in my new 2015 series Weekly Workout Rundown.  After having taken a look back at the latter part of 2014 and realizing how many baby steps got me to where I’m at in my running, I decided I wanted to chronicle my 2015 endurance training a little more consistently.


Right now, I’m concentrating on running because of my upcoming half marathon debut at the Disney Princess Half in February.  We’re only a couple weeks into 2015 and I’m realizing that my running is improving each week.

As of this post, I have run a total of 33.8 miles between January 1 and today.  I’ve also been swimming 1200-1500m once a week and doing some deep water jogging.  My running coach, Dave, provides my custom training plan, so my weeks pretty much look the same.  The two days a week that he has optional on my calendar I’ve filled in with swimming/deep water jogging and a Go Wild Wednesday My Choice workout.


Since this is post #1, I’m just going to journal a few days of the last couple weeks to leave myself some notes about them.

Saturday 1/3 – This morning Dave cancelled our groups morning run because of the weather.  According to my iphone, it’s 12F (-4F with the wind chill). The Hubby and I decided to run anyway.  The first half of our run was in the dark.  We left the parking lot around 6am.  We ran an out and back, so that by the time the sun was coming up, I could continue on my own and he could run his pace which is at least 2X as fast as mine.  The first 1+ miles of this particular route are very hilly.  As we approached our first turn, we almost collided because I wasn’t paying attention that I was already at the street.  I had never made it to this street so fast and it wasn’t even on my radar that it was time to turn.  A little over a mile into the run, we were on one of the country roads on our route.  It was very dark with houses spaced sporadically along the road, but tucked back quite some distance.  Only us and our headlights and vests out there.  Occasionally, a car would pass, but for the most part, it was just us and the stillness of the morning.  For the first time EVER, I ran 8 miles in just over 2 hours.  

Saturday 1/10 – Horrible run.  On way to club run, my Garmin decided to stop working.  Borrowed someone’s watch.  A mile in, their watch stopped working.  Running coach pulled alongside me and gave me his watch.  Was running with my Camelbak to get a feel for using it for the Half.  Didn’t consider current 19F temperature.  Went to take a drink and the water was frozen in the drinking hose.  Great! No water.  Wasn’t even thinking about that!  Had to stop at the water stop Coach put out.  Mentally, I couldn’t get past all the mishaps this morning.  My 8 mile run ended at 5 miles.  I was too mad to finish.  Notes:  Coach Dave talked to me about working on strategies to try to get out of my brain and past the negative when everything seems to be going wrong.

Saturday 1/17 – 5K training run at Half Marathon pace (after 15 min warm-up, before 10 min cool down).  Today was all about pacing for me.  Unlike most of the runners in our group, I am not a lifelong runner.  Pacing is a foreign concept to me when it comes to running.  Enter Coach Dave’s extensive 16 column pacing chart which we use for various workouts with our goal pace based solely on our most recent 5K time.  (Since I’m not at liberty to share Coach Dave’s, here’s a somewhat similar version from Runner’s World). 


After doing a one mile warm-up, we listened to Coach Dave’s lecture for the day and then he gave us the go to begin our 5K.  With my Garmin set, standing with some of my girlfriends at the back of the pack, we were off.  Within the first mile, we were all separating.  I approached Mile 1 passing it 20 secs ahead of my pace goal.  I continued along the hilly, country road using my 2:2 Galloway interval.  I was feeling strong and my form was relaxed.  As I passed the Mile 2 marker, I was again about 20 secs ahead of my pace according to my 310XT.  The first quarter mile or so of Mile 3 was a big downhill.  I decided because I was feeling strong to push it a little and run longer without the walk interval while I was in the downhill.  It felt good and my watch told me I was still tracking on pace.  Turn after turn, I knew I was approaching the last turn, but I couldn’t see anyone.  I saw some cones ahead, but they were in an odd place to end a run.  Why would Coach Dave pick such an odd place to end our route?  Alas, the cones emerged over the edge of the curb and I knew those first cones must belong to the county or BGE.  As I turned the corner, I saw Coach Dave, his SUV, and some of the club runners.  My watch beeped signaling that I should walk, but I was less than a minute from the finish line, so I push it.  Standing with his clipboard and watch, Coach Dave scribbled down my time – 54:26 – 34 secs under my pace chart time of 55:00.  

Sunday, 1/18 – 1200m swim + 15 minutes deep water jog.  Swimming is my Zen.  Breathing consistent. strokes strong.  effortless.

Monday 1/19 – normal 40 min training run.  That urge I talked about in yesterday’s post was creeping in today.  After getting home from taking Mini Me roller skating on a day off (MLK day), I thought about skipping my run.  But, I talked myself out of it, got dressed and headed out the door before I changed my mind.  Good run, a little slow.  pushed past the aches and pains and got it done.

Tuesday 1/20 – Tonight’s running club run had good running weather – 41F.  After a 15 minute warm-up, we did 6X800’s at LT 800 pace with 1:00 recovery intervals in between.  For me, the goal paces was 8:35.  I ended up running each of them in 8:13.  My form, my breathing and my pace were all in sync.  The run felt really good the entire time.  In our pre-run lecture, Coach Dave told us that the run should feel “comfortably uncomfortable”. 

We also got our Winter/Spring session Team shirts tonight.  This session is run like a cross country season.  Our group is divided into 5 teams.  So, while we all train together, the local races on our calendar are treated like a cross country meet in terms of how Coach Dave scores us.  At the end of the season, an individual winner and a Team Win will be awarded.  My Hubby is on the E-Lime-inators (lime green shirts) while I’m the Team Captain of Mach10 (blue shirts).  Our close friend, Garazi, is competing against us on the BRVs (Best Rear View) (white shirts).  Our scores are handicapped to put each of us on a level playing field…, it’s on!!!!

Since this is Week 1 and this series is inspired by all the progress I’ve made in my running because of Flying Feet, it’s only fitting that I leave you with a quote from our Coach.


Did you have a great week?  Share something you’re most proud about from your Weekly Workout Rundown!


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