January 26, 2015

Fuel Your Snack Habit

My typical #MeatlessMonday post is usually one of my lunch or dinner recipes.  But, this coming #FoodieFriday, we will be talking Healthified Snacks On-The-Go (spoiler alert – get your LinkUps ready for that too!).  So, I thought – everyone wants a healthy snack.  Today, I’m sharing some of my regular grab-and-go kind of snacks.


Morning isn’t really the time of day people associate with “snacks”.  To get my metabolism going in the morning, I like do a Morning Kickstart.  This is a quick and easy beverage to drink in my thermos on my way in to the office.  I microwave some purified water for about a minute and a half.  Then, add a piece of fresh ginger and a wedge of lemon (which I both squeeze into the water and add into the water).


Morning Kickstart: warm water with lemon and ginger

If you asked my friends, co-workers and family what snack they see me eating the most, they’d probably all say hummus!  I heart hummus!  I like my hummus extra lemon-y (is that a word?) so I like to make it myself. But, don’t get me wrong, you’ll also find store bought hummus in my house.  I have hummus at work and at home so when the urge for a snack strikes – there’s always hummus.


My homemade No-Oil-Hummus

In a pinch, a few of my favorite snacks are cottage cheese and berries, veggies/cheese/berries, pretzels and Barney Butter and plant-based protein powder shakes.  Super easy grab-and-go.



When I feel like putting a little more effort into my snacks, I’ll do some quick salads. Veggie salad with homemade vinaigrette and a tortilla (below left), plain greek yogurt with some berries (middle), or arugula/watermelon/feta (below right).


Of course, there’s always times when I just want to literally reach into a bag and nosh.  So, ReNola (below left) comes in handy for that.  Yum!   When I get a craving for something I just can’t quite put my hands on, it’s usually for spicy/salty or sweet.  An egg and some habanero salsa wrapped in a small tortilla craves that spicy/salty taste (below middle).  Some cottage cheese and a banana craves the sweet (below right).  There’s something about the sugar content of a banana that just really satisfies a sweet tooth.


Sometimes a snack needs to feel like it’s really bad for you. You want to dive into that hot fudge sundae or that pint of ice cream, but it would totally derail all your hard work.  If you’re like our family, as soon as we lay down together to watch a movie, we get this sudden hankering for popcorn.  Hmmmm!  There’s usually air-popped popcorn leftover, so I throw together a Popcorn Trail Mix that’ perfect for satisfying those want-to-be-bad kind of cravings.  

I usually have a few boxes those $1 boxes of candy in the top of the pantry.  I pick them up in the candy bin at the grocery store, so that when we go to the movie theater, Mini Me can take a little candy with her.  Shhhhh!  So, I toss the popcorn with a box or two of candy and some cereal, whatever I have on hand (I had Honey Nut Cheerios in the cupboard).


Popcorn Trail Mix: leftover air-popped popcorn, honey nut cheerios, chocolate covered peanuts (Goobers) , Reese’s pieces

When worse comes to worse, the good old standby of some nut butter on a spoon (or fork) will do just fine!



What are your favorite go-to snacks?  Do you have one you just couldn’t live without?  Share your snack ideas in the comments and linkup one of your favorite #meatlessmonday #plantbased recipes with us.


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2 Comments on “Fuel Your Snack Habit

January 26, 2015 at 9:23 am

Yummy- I love hummus too, I will have to try your recipe out! Also- nut butter by the spoonful is always a go to snack for me- SO GOOD! 😉

January 26, 2015 at 9:27 am

Genius! Trail mix popcorn for movies! Why didn’t I think of that?! Love it.


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