February 4, 2015

Weekly Workout Rundown No.3

 Time for…



Sunday, Feb 1 – Well, after 7 days of not running, I got in my 2 hour run today.  I’m still not 100%, but I can at least breathe better.  Still a little congested with drainage and about 3 more days of antibiotics to go. My run today was slow, but felt good to be running again.  6.18 total miles in 1:59:43.  avg pace was 19.12.  elevation gain 384 ft. 1st 45 minutes at 2:2 intervals.  Run segments were between 15-16 min/mile. walk segments between 18-19 minutes. 2nd 45 minutes 2:1 intervals.  Run segments were between 15-17 min/mile.  walk segments 18-23 min/mile.  This section slowed me down quite a bit because of the hills in this part of the course. I hit alot of uphills in my recovery time which was challenging at times. 3rd 30 minute segment at 3:1 intervals.  Run segments were between 15-17 min/mile pace except for last 3 minute run which was the Brown Road hill very steep grade.  I slowed to 25 min/mile pace in that 3 minutes.  It was more like a slow shuffle, but I’m getting up that hill a little easier with each time I make it part of my course.  So, I’m trying to look at the plus of that hill.  My 1 minute walk paces in this segment were terribly slow at 21+ min/mile pace.


Sunday discussion with Coach Dave – Through discussion with Coach Dave after today’s long run, we decided to alter my schedule a little going into these last 2+ weeks of half marathon training.  Changes to current schedule for  week of Feb 2:  Run 3 time between Monday and Friday for 45-60 minutes each time + Bear Run 4 Miler race on Sunday Feb 4.  Saturday is a rest day.

Tuesday, Feb 3 – Tuesdays are running club night.  My normal run is whatever quality run we do as a group.  Tonight they were doing 800 repeats followed by 100m strides.  Coach Dave had me running 60 minutes interval instead.  Tonight’s run was not all that inspiring.  Still being sick and coughing up made for an interesting run in the 27 degree weather.  For some reason, I was very acidic today and was burping up stomach acid.  That made for quite the interesting run.  Probably should have stopped running, but then I wouldn’t have finished my run, so that didn’t happen (I know, I’m crazy – so I was told by one of my running partners).  I felt very kinked/knotted up during today’s run.  I also felt very heavy on my feet and clod-hopperish.  You know that feeling, it just feels like you’re running in slow motion and not going anywhere.  But, looking down at my Garmin, I found otherwise.  I was running at a good pace of 14:48, so I just kept moving and telling myself to keep it up.  Completed the 60 minutes, did a cool down and had hubby stop at the pharmacy on the way home for antacids.  I know tonight’s run makes all of you want to go out and run now doesn’t it 🙂

I plan to get my other two runs for the week in tomorrow and Friday.

What’s something challenging you ran through because you told yourself you just wanted to get the workout finished?

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