January 10, 2016

Loaded Cheesesteak

I know Maryland is not the home of the cheesesteak, but quite frankly, I would choose my cheesesteak over a Philly Cheesesteak any day of the week!  I know “thems fighting words” in some parts 😉 The Hubby and I tried the Gino’s versus Pat’s thing when we first started dating almost 16 years ago.  I wasn’t impressed.  I have to say on our recent trip to Philly, we didn’t stop back to give Mini Me the experience.  But, we will next time, just so she can say she did it.  I feel like it’s some kind of Philadelphia right of passage.

What is it about the combinations of ribeye, onions, peppers and cheese that brings people to “duke” it out for the crown of King of the Steak?


After eating my version, I can see how people get possessive over their favorites.  I’d battle anyone with my tasty version as long as the contest wasn’t for the traditional cheesesteak.  Mine adds a little flare that might make tried and true Philly Cheesesteak fans cringe.  My recipe starts with shaved ribeye because next to Filet Mignon that’s the only other cut I will eat.  I cook it over high heat in a nonstick pan and give it a few dashes of worchestershire sauce and black pepper.  I fear just by saying that I add these ingredients to my “cheesesteak” that I’m going to get stoned.  After it’s cooked to my liking, I remove it from the pan and let it rest.


Then, I saute the onions and banana peppers (or pepperoncini – whichever I have on hand).  When the onions and peppers are soft, I add a handful of them along with a handful of ribeye to the pan, top it with a slice or two of provolone and add a lid to melt the cheese.


The result is this amazingly juicy Loaded Cheesesteak.  I’ve also been known to add some mayonnaise on it.  I KNOW – I committed a sin, but that’s the way I like it!  Don’t hate me 🙂


If you’re not a tried and true Philly Cheesesteak lover, how do you Cheesesteak?



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