April 26, 2016

How 75 minutes of Every Workday Can Improve Your Health

Office Workout

At Christmas, Mini Me’s aunt and godmother gave her a necklace that she couldn’t wear because of her allergies. So, we returned the necklace and she decided she wanted a Fitbit. I really wasn’t sure if she would actually use it long term, so I convinced her to get a less expensive version of the Fitbit and use the rest of the money to buy other things she might decide she wanted. She ended up getting the Garmin VivoFit2 which she has worn every day since it came in the mail.

The day it arrived, she got home from school and begged me to set it up. So, after dinner we did. She had questions about setting her goals and I talked to her a little about 10,000 steps. Well, at 7pm she put on the Garmin and walked continuously around the house, up and down the stairs until she got in 10,000 steps. I kept trying to tell her that she could start the next day, but she wouldn’t hear of it. Then, she challenged The Hubby and I to a little competition (the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I’m just not sure if that personality trait is more from me or The Hubby).

So, the next day, I wore my Garmin to work and took inspiration from one of my colleagues who can be found multiple times per day walking the perimeter hallways for our office on the 11th floor.  Bob has been doing that for years and occasionally, I’ll speed walk past him or run a circle and claim “I won” when I beat him down the hall.

I set my Garmin 920XT to track my steps and when I got alerts, I’d get up and walk to get in my steps in the hopes of beating Mini Me. Needless to say, that never happened. That girl has gotten 15,000-20,000 steps per day since Day 1 and she rarely takes it off. 

What Mini Me’s challenge did do for me is emphasize how little walking I do during the day working in a laboratory. So, I created this Walk Your Way to Health challenge to inspire other office workers to get up from their desks/lab bench and take a few breaks throughout the day. Consider it my version of a smoke break!


Walk Your Way to Health
Coordinate these times with your own work schedule. Working in law enforcement, we start work at 6:30am.

6:30am: Arrive at work

7:30am: Take a 5 minute walk (For an extra challenge, track how many steps you take during this time and continually try to beat that number)

8:30am: Take a 5 minute walk which includes at least 2 minutes of stairs. (If you don’t have stairs, do standing 2-3 sets for 12-15 reps of standing calf raises.

9:30am:  Take a 5 minute walk while doing bicep curls. If you can bring a set of dumbbells to work and keep them under your desk for this purpose, do so. If not, grab a couple water bottles and fill them up. Anything that will create some resistance weight will work.

10:30am: Take a 5 minute walk which begins with 15 bodyweight squats before the 5 minutes starts. Do the bodyweight squats again at the 2:30 minute mark and then after the 5 minutes, do a third set.

11:30-12:00pm: Lunch! Spend the first 30 minutes of your lunch hour walking (or running if you want).

2pm: Finish out your day with 3 sets of walking lunges (15 lunges each side). Take a 1 minute walking break between sets.


So, set your alarms on your cell phone and try this for a week! I’ll be doing it and I’d love to hear how it changed your day.  It makes me less stiff and ready to tackle my evening workout!

If you work a regular 8 hour workday at desk job, how do you stay active during the day?



One Comment on “How 75 minutes of Every Workday Can Improve Your Health

April 27, 2016 at 7:53 pm

I don’t really have an office job, but there isn’t toooo much of an opportunity to walk around/move as much on my outpatient rotation right now, so I walk around the office a lot in between patients and also during lunch! 😛 Tis such a great way to sneak in some movement!


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