May 15, 2016

Garbage Pizza with Cauliflower Crust

I remember when I was a little girl, my cousins and I used to stand by my Grandma’s side and watch her make her famous pizza crust. Everywhere she went, people asked her to make them pizza. As kids, our favorite part was making the yeast concoction and sneaking bites of the cut up toppings when she wasn’t looking! 

As a grandmother, she always made everyone’s favorite and mine has always been the garbage pie. The combination of meat and veggies makes my taste buds dance for joy.  Although I loved my grandma’s version, I now make a healthier version that let’s me enjoy pizza more often. This Garbage Pie with Cauli’ Crust is sure to become one of your fast favorites too.

Garbage Pie with a Cauli' Crust

This recipe starts with my cauliflower crust and my 5 Minute No Cook Pizza Sauce.

Garbage Pie

Then, adds all my favorite sauteed veggies (onion, peppers and mushrooms) along with black olives, Canadian bacon, and pepperoni.

Garbage Pie

The result is one savory bite of sweet, salty and crispy goodness! You just can’t beat a Garbage Pie – although I sure do miss my grandma’s.

Garbage Pie with Cauli' Crust

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What’s your favorite alternative version of traditional pizza?



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