15 Minute Takeout-Inspired Pad Thai

I’ve been so under the weather this past week. I’ve got the crazy head cold going around. It was so bad the first couple days that I literally didn’t get out of bed. The head-feels-like-it’s-in-a-vice sinus pressure was unbearable. Needless to say once I actually felt up to eating, I […]

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2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Athletes

2016 Athlete Gift Guide

Disclaimer: The giveaway in this post is sponsored by Journal Menu. The 2016 Athlete Gift Guide features some great ideas for fitness enthusiast in your life. Be sure to check out our 2016 Triathlete Gift Guide and 2016 Runner Gift Guide too! I think any athlete would love to find any of […]

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7 Training Rules to Avoid Injury

It’s important to minimize your risk of injury during your training. Better yet, to avoid injury!  So, when doing race-specific training, keep the total distance covered shorter than the goal race, or run at your race pace in shorter segments with rest breaks (interval training). It’s impractical to wholly mimic […]

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