Game Day Bacon & Cheddar Tater Skins #SundaySupper

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOOOOTTTTBALLLLL????   In this house, we are die-hard Ravens fans.  Flags flying, purple wearing, houses decorated, and neighborhood tailgating Ravens fans.   During one away game each year, our neighborhood throws a Raven’s Tailgate in our cul-de-sac.  I’m not talking your typical tailgate here.  I’m talking an […]

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Ratatouille Bolognese

I get really excited during the summer and fall when there are so many amazing vegetables available at the farmer’s market. Something about chopping vegetables, putting them in a pot and cooking them down just really says comfort to me. It really takes me back to my childhood watching my […]

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11 Sheet Pan Dinners for Any Day of the Week

Sheet Pan Dinners

We all want to put healthy, nutritious and homemade food on the table for our families. Between work, sports and all the other tasks that fill our day, it’s sometimes difficult to do. These 11 Sheet Pan Dinners cover every meal from breakfast to dinner to dessert. So, prep them […]

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