15 Minute Takeout-Inspired Pad Thai

I’ve been so under the weather this past week. I’ve got the crazy head cold going around. It was so bad the first couple days that I literally didn’t get out of bed. The head-feels-like-it’s-in-a-vice sinus pressure was unbearable. Needless to say once I actually felt up to eating, I […]

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#MeatlessMonday: Vegetarian Bibimbap

On the Saturday I made today’s #meatlessmonday recipe, we had a freezing rain/snow “storm” in Maryland that cause an “emergency snow plan” to go into effect and, thus, cancel our swim meet.  I wanted something warm and spicy for breakfast and wasn’t in the mood for my usual eggs. As […]

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Huevos Rancheros Chili Waffles

It’s #MeatlessMonday and today I’m cooking up some Huevos Rancheros Chili Waffles. Sometimes you want a little extra spicy in your breakfast.  Sometimes you want breakfast for lunch.  Hey, even Mini Me’s school does Breakfast for Lunch.  In fact, that’s one of the only times she’ll ask me if she […]

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Fuel Your Snack Habit

My typical #MeatlessMonday post is usually one of my lunch or dinner recipes.  But, this coming #FoodieFriday, we will be talking Healthified Snacks On-The-Go (spoiler alert – get your LinkUps ready for that too!).  So, I thought – everyone wants a healthy snack.  Today, I’m sharing some of my regular […]

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